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UK Ambassador
Juliet Harbutt & Jonathan Broomfield
Elite Imports Ltd
Willie's Cacao
Harveys Cheese
Cropwell Bishop
Biogere & Paulo Barracosa
Jonathan Broomfield & Tanys Pullin
Gourmet Grilled Cheese
Quickes & Mary Quicke
The Guild of Cheese Graders
The Courtyard Dairy
Supreme Champion Judge
Lyburn Cheesemakers
Cricketer Farm
Allrecipes UK
Sway Village
International Cheese Awards
Louise Gordon - Limewood Sommelier
Charcoal Cheese - Michael Lee
Keens Cheddar
Chewton Glen - Marco Nardi
The WI
Ludlow Food Centre
Butlers Cheese
Rotary Club Cheese & Wine evening
Mr Trotter's
Curds & Croust


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Juliet Harbutt & Jonathan Broomfield

"One day you will be writing a book." Words that have stuck with me ever since and driven me forward in every cheese venture.

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