Frequently asked questions

The Courtyard Dairy

Does the Cheesy1 website fulfill my order?

All orders placed are fulfilled by The Courtyard Dairy. The Cheesy1 website only acts as a link to an online cheese store. If you have any questions about your delivery please view The Courtyard Dairy delivery page.

I would like to contact The Courtyard Dairy directly. How do I do that?

No problem! Here is a link to their contact page.

What is The Courtyard Dairy?

"The Courtyard Dairy is a unique, specialist cheese-shop and cheese-maturer, owned and operated by Andy and Kathy Swinscoe. In 2017 the shop expanded into new premises and at the same time a museum telling the history and story of farmhouse cheese, a café serving cheese-based dishes (and, of course, coffee!), and a cheese production room were added, alongside plenty of free on-site parking. The shop itself has become a renowned destination shop, where regulars and visitors alike enjoy the opportunity to sample and purchase some of the finest cheese to be found in Europe, whilst benefiting from Andy and Kathy’s comprehensive and entertaining cheese knowledge." (Andy Swinscoe, The Courtyard Dairy.)


Do you offer cheese events outside the UK?

Not at the moment. I have aspirations to offer events outside the UK but for the time being it is only within the UK.

Do you offer consultancy & grading services outside the UK?

Yes, but this is dependent on where and what the client asks for. It may incur travel expenses but this will be discussed also during the appointment.

Why isn't there a price on the private tasting experiences In home package?

This is a 3 hour completely bespoke event for you. There are multiple factors to this event such as location, guest numbers, theme etc. and they will be discussed in detail to form a quote. I hope this helps and I look forward to your request.

Can I organise a surprise cheese event?

Yes! Whatever you have in mind from birthday to wedding anniversary I can organise a surprise event. Book a event planning meeting and we can start organising today.

I can't find what I'm looking for on the services page, can you create a bespoke event for me?

Of course! Contact me via email at and we can start planning your event today.


Can I have an event planning appointment over the phone or on Skype?

Yes, just head over to the 'About The Cheesy1' page and scroll to the call button to Skype me. Alternatively you can call me on 02380972151.

Can I use a credit/ debit card to pay?

Yes, when you use Paypal you have the option of paying with a credit/ debit card without assigning that card to Paypal. For more help head to Paypal Help UK.

Why do I have to 'Login' to book a service?

This offers a more secure and personal service for you. It also allows you to book multiple events with your account, reschedule and cancel existing bookings.